Split stitched felt leaves

felt-leaves  leaf-crown-400x600  felt-applique-420x600

Here is a very diverse felted Oak Leaf tutorial that can be used this fall and into the holidays. Now is the perfect time to collect your leaves to use as patterns for this project. Lisa suggests that you scan the leaf to create your pattern. I know my yard is filled with beautiful leaves for this purpose.  Lisa of 5 Orange Potatoes, suggested that you can find any type of leaf for this project in your own backyard. I know Martha Stewart has and oak leaf templates on her site.  The headband that Lisa has made is just adorable and would be gorgeous to wear on Thanksgiving.   She also sewed one onto a bag and it looks smashing. Enjoy this tutorial and stop by and tell Lisa you found her on craft gossip felting. About Lisa:  I am a stay at home, nature lovin,’ felt lovin,’ vegetarian earth mama! I have two lovely daughters, a hard-working husband and lots of animals- turtles, cats and dogs. We love the outdoors and nature…which inspire us daily. I have a BA from Ohio State University and my Masters of Arts in Teaching from Mary Baldwin College. I have taught elem. ed. and preschool for about 20 years in schools and parks, my focus has always been science and env. ed. I have a great love of herbs and their medicinal qualities have been studying them for a long time and continue to learn all I can about them. I have been asked numerous times how I have raised such nature lovin’ and creative little ladies. This site is dedicated to those questions; this is how I do it!



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