Christmas Star in Felt video tutorial


Linda shows us via a video and pictorial tutorial how to make a Christmas Star with Felt the procedure is easy and very fast, you will need just a little patience in cutting the felt.There is no sewing and she assures us that within a half an hour we can have this Christmas decoration hanging on our door.  Visit her blog for complete  instructions for this amazing star.

About This amazing artist: Hello my name is Linda I have 29 years and I live in the beautiful medieval town of Ferrara since I got married. For now, my house is a mini apartment, but dreams of moving to a country house that has a garden full of fruit trees, perhaps with a pot of lemon next to the window sill.  My creativity  Even as a child I breathed in my family air creative: My parents and my grandparents were a great example for me and allowed me to develop my imagination and creativity. In a stimulating environment where I tasted a bit ‘of everything, I grew up and I appreciated the art of craftsmanship, DIY applied to the fields of early childhood education, but also in more specific areas such as the restoration panels.  I found myself with the maternity home to raise my child, becoming a mother made me rediscover my desire to create and so after some initial hesitation, I decided to open this blog to share with others my passion.

My blog: As you can see from my post I have a thousand different interestsFrom computer to crafting: I am always looking for new ideas and projects! In my blog I try to bring news I find the network, especially American creative ideas, Signaling the tutorials and creations that catch my attention and curiosity.

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