Felt Pencil Stub Case How to


I found this very unique and fun project on “Instructables” that I know I would not have thought of myself. Pencils wear down. You get stubs. You don’t have anywhere to put them. But this designer does, because they made a felt pencil case with different sized slots for different sized pencils. Now all your pencils, even your shortest stubs, will have homes. The flexible format allows you to hold all different sizes of pencils and keep them all easily accessible, and also allows you to utilize all the space in the case so you don’t waste and entire slot on one tiny stub. Here’s how they made it.  This is a “waste not, want not” project as you can write great pose with any size pencil. Materials: Felt (thin craft felt is better than thick industrial felt for this–those little squares of felt they sell for craft projects are the perfect size)

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