How to Make Up-cycled Sweater Bookmarks


On the blog called “Craft Side” you will find a video on how to make a felted bookmark made from a sweater which is commonly referred to as up-cycling.  As you all probably know up-cycling a wool sweater is taking that sweater and shrinking it down in to a tightly woven fabric that is called felt. Once a sweater is felted it can be treated as you would treat fabric as far as cutting it out and it does not fray and you can use it for appliqués on any item you choose. This is a fun video on how to create this up-cycled sweater bookmark.  In the video they are using a die cutter machine, but I am sure these designs can easily be cut by hand.  So watch the video and see what a fun idea this is.  Our very own Recycled Crafts editor Stefanie Girard is the sweater surgery gal and the author of Sweater Surgery: How to Make New Things with Old Sweaters available on Amazon.

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