Giveaway: Fun with Felt Food from “The Whimsical Gourmet”

To kick off a new year and a new shop The Whimsical Gourmet, is holding a giveaway! She started making felt play food for her little girl and then a friend asked her to do a craft show for her. She had some leftover sets after the show, so she decided to put them up on Etsy. They all sold right away! Since then she have been coming up with new ideas for felt play food and having fun making all the patterns. The best things in life just pop up out of the blue and she loves creating felt play food! Go over to the whimsical gourmet and see how to enter this giveaway. We would have loved this type of play food when we were youngsters, so why not try to win a set for the young person in your life or for yourself.


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