Winner of Feltplanet’s Felt Shamrocks in 5mm Virgin Merino Wool Felt GIVEAWAY!

A lovely bowl from Feltplanet

First off I want to thank Feltplanet for this wonderful and generous giveaway. Not only did we see some beautiful items that they create, we also found it amazing place to buy the 5 mm wool for our favorite felted projects. I asked Feltplanet to help pick a winner and they sent a long list of many wonderful people’s remarks and Craft Gossip decided from their list, after narrowing down several names. I want to make it clear that Feltplanet loved all your lovely remarks about their shop and were thrilled with your imput.  I believe that two winners had some of the nicest remarks about felt planet.  Winner number one is are very own generous Shalana who has given us all so much in her giveaways here on Craft Gossip Felting and the second the winner is Ronit who went the extra mile and advertise the giveaway on her site. Congratulations ladies you certainly impressed felt planet with your admiration and your interest in their shop.  I thought for once it would be nice not to use to select the winner. Again, thanks Feltplanet for your generosity and your interest in craft gossip felting. I’m sure we will all visit you again.


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    Yay! :) That’s so exciting. Thanks for being so nice both of you!

    And those shamrocks sure are cute..they’ll be a proud part of my holiday decorations!

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