Make an Alpaca Wool Sweater into a Felted handmade Bag tutorial

Kim of The Inadvertent Farmer blog created this amazing bag out of a felted wool alpaca sweater. I love the decoration of her creative roses on this bag. She offers you a step-by-step pictorial tutorial on how to re-create this beautiful and useful bag. So save those old sweaters and make yourself a stunning bag like Kim’s.  She also has a shop on ETSY called sweetgrace, where she sells her designer clothing for children (now empty) but I hope she fills if soon because what she did sell were adorable young girls clothing. Check out Kim’s blog is filled with fun and unusual projects and just plain good living.

Her name is Kim, and she lives on a small 10 acre farm in Washington State (Gardening zone 8). She raises organic produce, animals, and kids, she has 5, 4 boys and 1 girl. She seems to specialize in attracting unwanted, abandoned, lost, and unusual animals.  The humane society has her on speed dial! They have a camel, 4 llamas, a pygmy goat, sheep, chickens, geese, and an occasional turkey now and then  She has a design business making custom clothing for little ones called Sweet Grace Designs (sweetgrace on etsy) that supports her fabric habit and keeps her only daughter in clothing as colorful and one of a kind as she is!  She gardens; home schools, farms, sews, designs, photographs, mothers, prays, and votes.

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