Chile relief giveaway is from Etsy seller Lorena Ferreira

 Today’s Chile relief giveaway is from Etsy seller Lorena Ferreira. The adorable bag is from Lorena Ferreira.  Hello everyone, my name is Lorena. I was born in Chile and raised in New York. I started knitting first (self taught at 19), then crocheting when I was expecting my second baby (I have 3), and finally weaving–self taught too–I read everything that comes into my hands, of course the internet, …but mainly I get my hands “dirty” and weave.  I explore, experiment, and intuition is my way of going about making all my textiles. I start with colors—putting them next to each other…sometimes it takes weeks for me to figure out what will go with what…and the where is an ongoing process during the weaving (or crocheting…or felting). I learned to wet felt last year (self taught…what a surprise)…and I love it.  I make one of a kind textiles, non-reproducible (I’ve tried) , unique… you will see (and feel hopefully).  Description;
This one of a kind and unique clutch is just bursting with color, ready to go to a party, to cocktails, work…anywhere. The truth is she just wants to be seen!!! Crocheted in two shades of rose pink and bulky rainbow…she then went for a swim in hot water and soap, and came out beautifully felted and strong. Spunky hand felted blossom in handspun/hand dyed rainbow with black petals and a huge pin back so you can wear it on your coat, scarf she is 10-12″ wide and 8″tall.


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