Wool Flower Boa Scarf and Dolly Donations Patterns



I received a link suggestion and there were two different URLs and think both are worth our attention. The first one is for a lovely wool flower boa scarf pattern courtesy of Marcus Brothers a wonderful fabric supplier. The other is dolly donations, sending love one dolly the time. Sarah of dolly donations it is a mother of a beautiful daughter and the wife to a brave fireman, and she is an artist (Sarah L Hanson) who has a passion for sewing. Her mission is to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, especially orphaned children around the world and to provide them with a source of comfort by sending them love, one dolly at a time!  Each project page has complete instructions for the scarf and the adorable dolls. What a lovely gesture on the part of Sarah to encourage us comfort children around the world. Each doll pictured on this site has its own precious expressions. You can even make up little accessories to go along with each doll.  This posting is a offering you two wonderful patterns for your crafting enjoyment and at the same time an opportunity to spread your love around the world. The beautiful scarf can be made in different wool colors and lengths to fit your needs. What a spectacular addition for all your spring fashions. 




  1. says

    Thank you so much for mentioning Dolly Donations Linda.

    The dollies you have up were made by the wonderful Sabine (Germany) the doll maker behind Miss Tiffy.

    I love the way we can all come together from around the world to help children in need with our crafting skills!

    Enjoy making the scarf! I know I will!

    Dolly Donations

  2. lindy huthnance says

    im am very new to this. i am a new comp. user and would love information on felting love the look,, the dolls are just beautiful. maybe i can manage one.LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR REPLY THANK YOU LINDY

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