Giveaway: Stunning Makeup Case by Sylvie Thiel


I discovered Sylvie Thiel’s ETSY shop Lavender harvest’s and was totally blown away with her fascinating wool felt accessories. After corresponding with her she agreed to introduce her beautiful line of wool felt accessories to my readers by offering this amazing giveaway. I am totally in love with this gorgeous makeup case and know that you will love it too. Sylvie just set up a blog site (Lavender harvest) and she is new to selling her products online, so take this opportunity to own one of her one-of-a-kind, sure to be popular, items. She also has a website called Design Factory that you will want to visit.  This giveaway is for the makeup case in the beautiful orange. Take a trip over to Lavender harvest and tell her which one of her items you like the best and then come back and post your comment here on craft gossip felting.  Most of our giveaways are selected by, but I think it would be nice if the shop owner picked the winning comment. This giveaway will run from today April 23rd through May 4st. I want to thank Sylvie for allowing me to hold this giveaway and to introduce her beautiful products.

Lavenderharvest…organic wool felt accessories and practical essentials… Eco friendly-non toxic-sustainable- biodegradable and renewable materials

Wool-Felt-Hemp-Linen-Silk…these “back to the roots” natural materials, well known for their superb qualities, have been part of our lives for centuries. Hi, my name is Sylvie Thiel, a German designer and stylist with a background in Haute Couture Clothing. For more than 20 years i am creating eco-friendly, sophisticated Woman’s Wear, poetic Jewelry and Accessories….and i am loving every minute of it. Presently I live with my hubby in California..traveling back and forth to Montreux-Switzerland…I am a traveling to speak. A large suitcase is my Studio. I just started posting my brand new 100 % Wool felt collection on Etsy…its exciting.Please have a look at my Etsy shop

or at my website


  1. says

    Loving the Lingerie bag ,Clutch multifunctional, eco/friendly, avant-garde , organic-Zen,deluxe. WOuldn’t mind more bags!

  2. shiki says

    I like the Lingerie bag ,Clutch multifunctional, eco/friendly, avant-garde , organic-Zen,deluxe item the most.

  3. Emily says

    Everything is beautiful, but I especially love the book covers! Two things I can really appreciate are handmade items and good books!

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