I love this tutorial for felted food.  I would have loved to play with these goodies when I was little and adored playing house.  I fold this on “MADE Celebrating Moms”. Making Felt Food is easy and quite fun. And the possibilities are endless. Today they are making Dinner-for-Two. Get ready to feast on turkey drumsticks, homemade bread (with butter or strawberry jam), steamed broccoli, grapes that pull apart in bunches, and of course, pumpkin pie for dessert. Made simple for little hands, the food pulls apart from Velcro attachments.  This is an amazing pictorial tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Skill Level: Easy
* felt
* stuffing/batting
* sew-on Velcro
* embroidery thread
Average Sewing Time: varies

1. Felt. You can buy felt squares for about $.25 at craft and fabric stores (or by the yard). This works fine, yet it’s usually poorer quality felt. I love to buy partial-wool felt by the yard. It’s more pricey (anywhere from $6/yard to $17/yard). BUT, I often buy just 1/8th of a yard so the cost is cut way down. These felts are higher quality and come in more stunning colors.


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