Tutorial: Kawaii Softie Owls from Moonstitches


I located this tutorial on The Craft Army and I think these are too cute.  I hope you all check out these Owls and see what The Craft Army has to offer. The Japanese make such kookie and interesting characters – and this ofcourse applies to their crafting. Moonstitches found a pattern for these ‘Kawaii’ owls from a Japanese Craft book. I’d buy it too if I could read it!

At any rate, Moonstitches has lovingly taken the pattern and re-created these charming owl softies with their own linen and felt twist. This is how you make them!


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    Thanks for the interest in my post. I’ve also just posted another tutorial for a Knitted Tofu Character -http://www.thecraftarmy.com/2010/05/tutorial-knitted-tofu-character/


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