Free Felted Soap Tutorial

This tutorial is from the Homemade Mamas, Rebecca, Maggie, & Jill – busy women just like you who run after our active kids, try to clean the house once in a while, and manage to throw dinner together (even if it’s just a bag of frozen chicken nuggets).

There is no doubt that felting is a rather magical process. Turning loose fibers into a solid mass with a little pressure and friction? Amazing! We’ve tried needle felting before with great success, but haven’t had much luck with wet felting. So we decided to give it one last try when we discovered felted soap! We’re sure you all know about this already, but we thought it looked really neat. It’s a like a washcloth and bar of soap in one! It worked great for us, so we thought we’d share with you how we did it (if you are confused by any of the steps, let us know or check out this link – they have a great picture tutorial!):

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