DIY my big tissue paper roses


Although these stunning roses are not felt they are still a fiber.    Sandra Foster of My Shabby Streamside Studio created these lovely Roses out of tissue paper and many of her followers asked her to make a tutorial and she did. This blog is a must see.  The New York Times did an article about Sandra and her “My Shabby Streamside Studio”.  Please read the article about Sandra online at the following link New York Times and you would discover that Sandra and her husband are just like you and me.  Just think of these lovely roses as part of the decor in your house or as a stunning wedding decoration.  After seeing Sarah’s blog I was mesmerized by what she is done with this adorable little cottage.  What woman or young lady would not love to live in such a glorious place?  I hope you enjoy making the beautiful roses and looking at the glorious pictures on Sandra Foster’s, My Shabby Streamside Studio.

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