Turn your hobby into a business


I was on Papaver Vert blog looking at all of Patty’s stunning felting.  Papaver Vert is a small creative studio in Northern California owned by designer Patty Benson. Based on form, function and bold color, her work utilizes the time consuming technique of crocheting and wet felting wool to create tactile pieces with a contemporary twist.  Patty had her work featured in a new fabric book titled “1,000 Artisan Textiles” (available at Amazon) and Patty says “I’m over the moon to have some of my work in this new book”.  While on her blog I found a link to this interesting interview with Patty and Whitney Smith Pottery about marketing your crafting and I think you will all find it of interest.   The site the video is on is called “The View from the Bay” and the interview is titled Turn your hobby into a business.  Check out the video and Patty’s and Whitney’s blogs.

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