1,000 Artisan Contemporary Fiber Art, Quilts, and Wearable’s

I do not own this book but it looks amazing and I have in my Amazon basket and just waiting for a reason to spend the money.  The following review is on Amazon and Susan Bleiweiss does one review but tells (BELOW) that she has two pieces in this book. There are 8 reviews and all but one of them is 5 stars. Read all the reviews on Amazon. You can also visit Susan’s blog with all her interesting postings HERE!   In the interest of full disclosure I should begin by saying I have two pieces in this book.  If you go to Google books you can see many of the stunning projects pictures in this amazing book.

The book is divided into 5 sections:
Wearable Art & Couture
Fashion Accessories
Soft Furnishings & Vessels
Tapestries & Display Art
Art Quilts

Each section is filled with one gorgeous image after another. I am impressed with the quality of photographs in this book. The images are clear, bright and in some cases detail shots of the items are included. Each image is labeled with the artists name and a reference number that corresponds to an image directory where the reader can find a brief detailed description of the item. This book is a wonderful compilation of inspiring images and eye candy worthy of a spot on any fiber artists or enthusiasts coffee table where it can be picked up and browsed through again and again.

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