DIY cozying up the kitchen tutorial

I am totally in love with, and I am going to make these recycled sweater felt handle cozies created by Blair Stocker of Wise Crafter Summer 10.  I bought a set of Cuisinart 77-10 – Chef’s Class Stainless 10 Piece Cookware Set that has the stainless steel handles.  My reason for buying these was that I could place them in the oven when needed.  Well, I have used them in the oven and when I removed them with potholders and place the hot pan on my cook top and laid the potholders aside is when my trouble began.   Not thinking I grabbed the handle and got a good burn and ate my meal with my hand in ice water.  The creator of these handle cozies added this: Based on the length and width of my pot handles, I created a paper template.  Keep in mind that the end cozy should have a fairly snug fit, so that you can get a good grip when handling a heavy pot. Plus she lined them with extra wool to make sure that your hand is well padded.  Thanks so much Blair for the awesome tutorial.


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