Lavender Harvest Stunning felt couture giveaway (international) on hold



This giveaway is on hold because I just got this message!

Dear Linda,
I have an emergency in the family.
My shop is put in vacation mode. Please be so kind and inform
the people for the Giveaway. I will not be able to attend to this.
I am so sorry
Kind Regards

I am so please to host Sylvie Thiel’s Lavender Harvest giveaway.  Sylvie is a German designer and stylist with a background in Haute Couture Clothing and what fun it would be to own one of her amazing designs. Sylvie lives in Montreux, Switzerland.  You will be able to win one of two prizes; a iPhone 3G 3GS 4 case deluxe organic Wool felt made in Germany avant-garde or a Handmade ID Credit Business card case holder organic Wool Felt made in Germany avant-garde leather appliqué.  You will be able to select your prize from the colors available.  Sylvie also has a blog called Lavenderharvest that you can visit to learn more about her art.  To enter this giveaway go to Sylvie’s ETSY shop and pick your favorite item and then come back here and tell her what you like best in the comment area here.  Secondly if you use facebook please friend “Lavenderharvest Thiel” to let her know you are ready for her latest designs.  She has just started using Facebook and would love for you to friend her.  This giveaway will run from September 3, 2010 through September 17, 2010.  Sylvie will select the winners so make you remarks fun and appealing.


  1. InJuneau says

    I love the Business Card holders, esp. the gray “long” one with the blue circluar accent and the gray “short” one with the great pop of red. I also love pencil/multipurpose cases in gray with a pop of red and red with a pop of gray. Her sense of style, esp. with the pops of color, is great.

  2. Jenny May (renewedmind on ravelry) says

    I LOVE the simple, elegant designs! The iPhone holder is my favorite. So wonderful!

  3. Heather says

    I love the little business card holder in green or the coin purse. So cute.

    lotsofhermies on Ravelry

  4. Daniel says

    I’m very of the ‘Swiss Cross ID Credit card Business card case holder’, not just because it displays tender patriotism, or because I have many friends it’s Switzerland. I like it because it could also easily double as a first aid kit!

  5. Daniel says

    I’m very fond of the ‘Swiss Cross ID Credit card Business card case holder’, not just because it displays tender patriotism, or because I have many friends it’s Switzerland. I like it because it could also easily double as a first aid kit! (Previous comment had a typo)

  6. Doris + Nicolas Muuhs says

    I really like those green and blue iPod classic cases. And imagine one of the wirstlet clutches in those colors.

  7. Teresa from Florence, Alabama says

    I like the coin change purse. It reminds me of those plastic squeeze change purses. You wouldn’t have any trouble finding it in your purse being made in the bright orange red color.

  8. Bettina Groh says

    … the retro old style school wristlet!!! Really impressed with lots of the others but I don’t have a kindle, an ipad etc! Guess I’m not that electronically endowed!

  9. Jeanne Clarke says

    I like the Retro old style wristlet clutch- the design is simple, uncluttered and quite beautiful.

  10. says

    I don’t have a cell phone but I really loved this item: Funky Retro Clutch Wristlet deluxe Wool Felt made in Germany avant garde organic eco friendly

  11. Jane T in NW Louisiana says

    I don’t have one, but if I had a Kindle, I would want
    Handmade Kindle 3 latest Generation case cover organic Wool Felt made in Germany avant garde design and eco friendly.

    However, I do like all of her work so would pleased with anything she would offer.

  12. Ilina says

    It’s pretty hard to pick just one, these items are all so stylish! The iPad sleeve is incredibly elegant with that chopstick latch, what a great idea.

    I really like the various iPhone sleeves as well, that little circle is such a fun detail. My favourite colours would have to be the light blue and the grey one.

    I’d love one of those iPhone sleeves, especially since I just got an iPhone and then failed miserably in felting a case for it because it turns out the wool I used was superwash… in my defense, one of them said “machine washable” in very tiny print and the other one just had a “30°C wash” symbol. Well, at least now I know I can wash the garments I had previously knitted from them at 90°C without any felting or shrinking.

  13. Amber Ostrej says

    Upon seeing the first photo in this posting, I knew immediately what artist had created them. When my interest in felt started about six months, it was a mere idea. Shortly afterwards I saw your modern, ultra-cool objects on etsy (in orange and grey/brown) and I was hooked. I’ve been fulling sweaters and diving into wet felting ever since. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the great design.

  14. Erin says

    All your items are wonderful. Simple yet functional, quite nice Really do like the coin purse in the orange/red color. The lap sleeves are beautiful.

  15. Mimi says

    Love, love love your creations… especially the Swiss Cross – would love that on a coin purse… well, and anything with the circles is cute too!

  16. Kelly Sas says

    While it would be fun to own one of Sylvie’s amazing pieces, it would be more of an honor to be able to hold, touch, and appreciate Sylvie’s handwork! I am in LOVE the Handmade Kindle DX case cover in the red & gray organic wool felt. The avant garde design style is like no other! How fun would it be to carry my Kindle in this?!? I can hear now all my girlfriends asking where I got it. Sylvie thanks for making gorgeous products with class and care for our world.

  17. angel says

    I love this one –> iPad sleeve eco friendly lemon grass green deluxe Wool Felt and brown leather avant garde organic Zen chic

  18. Ali says

    I adore the coin and key case
    Crossing fingers I might win one
    cos I know we won’t meet face to face
    and to own your creation would be fun.

    Hope you’re able to get back to crafting soon.

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