Felt Leaf Pillow Tutorial

Martha Stewart always has the latest crafts designed for every crafters desire.  These felt leaf pillows are so neat.  They say; this project can be completed using a store-bought pillow cover, but a flat piece of fabric works best, as it fits easily into a sewing machine. After you embellish the fabric with leaf patterns, you can use it to make a pillow cover.  There is a stick-on felt, but I don’t know if it leaves a residue when removed.  I have some and will try it and let you know. You can Download their leaf template, resizing as desired, and print onto card stock. Cut out template. Lay template on a piece of felt; trace with a disappearing-ink pen. Cut out leaf with fabric shears. Using dotted lines on template as a guide and then draw center vein and radiating veins on felt leaf with disappearing-ink pen.

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