Crocheted felted Piñata Bag


How amazing is this adorable Piñata Bag?  What I awesome way to use up your stash of wool yarns.  The colors in this bag are a delight to the eyes.  Besides being beautiful this bag is wonderfully diverse.  Picture this bag with any number of outfits.  Think how it would warm a cold winter’s day with vivid colors.  I am so thrilled to see that people are felting crocheted items.  Go over to Crochet Me for complete instructions.


  1. LandC says

    my sister and I love this bag —– we want to try it, but can’t find the instructions anywhere. Are they right in front of me or ??? Thanks for showing us this bag —–. It is really really nice. L and C

  2. Anne says

    There are NO FREE PATTERNS for this bag!

    You have to purchase the whole issue of Interweave crochet that the pattern was in…
    for one pattern? I’ll be honest, out of all the interweave crochet magazines that I’ve purchased…only one of these interweave crochet magazines ever had a pattern I liked, and it was the only one.

    Craft gossip should show patterns that we can get without shelling out $9.99 for a back issue of Interweave crochet’s magazine..

    Or am I looking at this the wrong way?

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