Pottery Barn Felt Knock-Off Pillow

We can get inspiration from many places and the Internet is one of the most amazing resources to find new ideas and styles. Cheri! Is the mother of two boys and she loves having a project, eating anything sweet, and finding a bargain.  Today she is going to show you how to make this Pottery Barn knock-off pillow.  (She is referring to the four in the back and not the front ruffled ones.)  Cheri loved this pillow right off she saw it and ripped out the page to save it for inspiration.  When her sister decided to redo her bedroom she told her she would make her this pillow in her color scheme.  It was easy and if you’re afraid of the sewing machine then don’t panic.  There was VERY LITTLE sewing involved.  Cheri offers you complete instructions and a template for the flowers, so if you are ready for a new look visit “How Does She?”

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