Laura Felting in Tel Aviv, Israel


Laura is from Greenfield, Indiana, the Heartland of America, and now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, also known as the Holy Land. She lives with her husband Doron and their three girls, Lili, Elli and Emili. After moving to Israel, she started sewing all sorts of things for herself and her daughters because clothing and toys for sale in Israel weren’t of a very high quality. She makes clothes, toys, dolls, and costumes. She pretty much spent her days making things. People began to notice the “cool things” Laura’s daughters were wearing, and often asked where she got them. It wasn’t long before she opened a children’s boutique because she couldn’t fit everything in her house any longer. 

Laura recently started writing craft books, explaining how to make some of the toys and costumes in her boutique; this process allows her to use all her artistic abilities to help the reader enter her magical world! Her books are “Sew Magical for Baby” and “Sew Magical for Kids” both available at Amazon. Laura has a charming shop called Laura Lee Burch. Her blog is filled with interesting articles and inspiration. So stop by and tell her you found her on Craft Gossip Felting, enjoy!

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