Needle Felted Onion Doll Tutorial


How amazing are the needle felting artists?  Who would have every dreamed up this unique idea for a doll but this very creative artist Laura Lee Burchurch.   Laura Lee was chopping vegetables for a salad and she was inspired by the green onions! Holding up the long, thin, onion it looked like a little person to her; the white bulbous end of the onion was the head, the spiky little roots looked like hair and the long green scallion stems were the body! Sure, why not!? So she got out her felting needles and went to work.  Laura Lee also has written two books, “Sew Magical for Kids” and “Sew Magical for Baby” both available on  She has a very complete tutorial on her site, so check it out and surprise your little one with this darling doll!

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