DIY Lovely Felt bead Necklace


This necklace is charming with its felted beads and flowers. There is a tutorial on making the felt beads and then mix them with manmade flat beads. What a delightful gift for the holidays.  This is a project your children can make with you. Make this beautiful necklace using felted wool beads. This 40-inch-long necklace uses nine felted beads, nine flat clear beads, and smaller colored beads on either side of the felted beads. You can use any type of bead you wish to add interest to your necklace. Using black cord from your crafts store and a large needle, string the beads onto the cording. This design is random so place large beads about 3 inches apart with smaller beads on either side of the large beads. Tie a knot on both sides of the beads to hold them in place. Leave approximately 2 inches between each set of beads. Tie the ends together when finished.

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