DIY Draped in Cashmere- A Decadent Scarf Tutorial


Do you have an old Cashmere sweater that you just do not like or one the moths found?  Well, here is s stunning idea of what to do with it and recycle at the same time. Or maybe you will be lucky like Lex, who found her first cashmere sweater at the thrift store and she was thrilled. See her free tutorial here. She had been looking for one for a long time. Lex, of “Made by Lex” didn’t go to design school, or have any lifelong dreams of doing this. It happened a little more accidentally. A few years ago she began sewing small things for her daughters, like baby blankets. It slowly progressed to clothing for them and then on to clothing for herself. She found herself horrible at patterns and only truly happy when making her own designs. Today she creates her own designs for women’s clothing and accessories and currently all her items are hand sewn by Lex. She says that it’s the best accident that ever happened to her.  Lex has a stunning shop that carries her striking designs definitely appeal to me with their simplicity called “Lex Designs”, please check out her shop, you will not be sorry. 


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