Felt Projects: 6 Free Felted Knitting Patterns from Knitting Daily


This is an awesome find from Knitting Daily!  Just enter your email and download 6 FREE delightful felting patterns.  I knitted the Dumpling Bag and it is adorable.  Make it in bright red for Valentine’s Day or green for St. Patrick’s Day.  The oven mitts would brighten your kitchen during the winter.  You will get the following FREE patterns:

1 Knitted, Felted Slippers

Marcy Petrini

2 Easy Felted Beads

Amy Clarke Moore

3 Felted Oven Mitts

Beth Lutz

4 Celtic Tote

Jennifer Tallapaneni

5 Dumpling Bags

Sharon Dreifuss

6 Formal Boot Bag

Laura Irwin5


  1. Kelly Plamp says

    It is not true you have to do more than just enter your email address. You also have to choose a password, wait for a verification email, click the link and verify your new account before you can download the felted patterns.

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