Tutorial felt woven heart: felt weaving


Angeline host of “Moi-Kapelka Handmade”  Has created this sweet woven Valentine’s Day Heart for us to re-create.  Angeline tells us more about her woven heart than I can.  “I can’t wait to share this idea with you. I was just sitting watching tv this evening and came up with this, what I think is a brilliant idea, a woven felt heart that you can make especially  for a valentine card, or to brighten up your boring bag.  I made the pattern also (it is not in PDF) but with easy to follow pictures. Just follow the pictorial instructions on my blog in Dutch or there are English instructions, for those of you who don’t understand Dutch.  on the side bar there is also a language page translator. I hope you will enjoy my tutorial”!


  1. Jenni S says

    This is a lovely idea – but as it says/requests on the blog to give credit where credit is due – it would only be fair to point out that this is not an original idea. These little hearts have been made for years in Denmark and they have been shared on blogs many times.
    To claim it is original is disappointing!

  2. Helen says

    These are very easy and way too cute for v-day. I’ve made them before and letting anyone know that makes them to sew, stich or glue about an inch around the curve of the heart closest to the weave and it makes a sweet treat bag. Also adding a little handle from curve to curve helps.

  3. Milly says

    @ Jenni S I like this tutorial a lot, I have made a lot from it! I want to say that I know she really tried things out and she doesn’t know this allready exist! And she doesn’t ask to give credit where credit due, only to link back.
    Look on her blog!

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