Tutorial, Felted Valentine’s Hearts and (Olives English), in English, French and German

Teresa, her sister and their mom host a blog called “Stitching ‘n Knitting”.  Awhile back I posted Teresa’s knit felted hearts and she just wrote me to inform me that the pattern is now in English, French and German.  These are the sweetest hearts and she is offering us her free pattern on Ravelry.com but you have to join to download the PDF file or download it from “Stitching ‘n Knitting” in one of the three languages listed about.  It is well worth joining Ravelry.com because you can find amazing free patterns there so join all the knitters and Crochetters and find out what they are working on.  While on “Stitching ‘n’ Knitting” I found these felted Olives and there is a pattern from “Mary Jane, Midge and Mink”!  What guy would not love a jar of these with the same note pictured with an iced Martini and you for his Valentine’s Day gift?  Enjoy!

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