Girls Spring Mini Tote – tutorial

Betz White always has the most amazing ideas on up-cycling old wool sweaters and this Girls Spring Mini Tote – tutorial is no exception.  Betz tells us; as a kid that one of her favorite things about going to church on Easter Sunday was carrying a special little purse. Hers was round, white wicker with a hinged lid. She wore white gloves with itty-bitty flowers on them just to have something to put in the purse when she got to church. She says she was always such a tomboy, that she can hardly believe it was her. She guess’ everyone likes to dress up and be girlie once in a while.  She loves the idea of a spring pocketbook in felted wool. She had this bag in mind, but made it up as she went along. You will find a wonderful step-by-step pictorial tutorial on Betz’s blog. 

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