Felted Wool Sweater Owl Tutorial

Marcie along with this tutorial offers us a little about the anatomy of the Owl.  They are such fascinating creatures and very few of us get to see them due to their nocturnal nature.  Built your Owl to suite your visions along with Marcie pattern and you too will have a stunning Owl. For this project, you will need a 100% wool sweater and a small collection of wool sweater scraps and cotton fabric scraps.  Solid, striped or patterned.  As with the Tiny Birdhouse, Swittens, and Sweater Mouse projects, add your wool sweater (do not dismantle it yet) to the laundry batch and wash and dry on normal to felt.  Designed by Marcie Chambers Cuff, Mossy is a website devoted to families who share a love of slowing down, simplifying, finding connections, getting dirty, playing outside, community gardens and all things handmade.



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    Great to see a good use fro an old Aran Sweater, the possibilities are endless, the Sweater version of Sock Monkeys…

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