How to: Felt flower pencil toppers and Felt toadstools

Dominique Norris of “Crafted” but she answers to Dom lives in Sydney, Australia. Dom will be holding her first workshops in a few weeks and she is very excited! She has been working in an Art and Craft shop for the last four years and over that time she has gathered a lot of knowledge and really knows what kids like!  She sees kids every day get so excited just walking into the shop and choosing what supplies they are going to take home to make their creations.  Now she wants to be a part of those creations!  That’s why she has set up Crafted Creations. She hopes to give kids a hand in growing their creative talents as well as just making sure they have fun! Today Dom is sharing her pencil topper and toadstool tutorials with us.  These projects will make lovely Mother’s Day gifts that the children can make with a little help from you, so check out her blog for these tutorials.

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