Gnarly Knitted Skeletons by: Ben Cuevas

This Gnarly Knitted Skeleton is unbelievable.  Every bone appears to be perfect.  I can’t imagine how long this had to take Ben Cuevas to create.  He has an amazing knowledge of anatomy and just where each bone goes and its function.  These photos document “Transcending the Material”, a mixed media piece that he created and installed while in residence at the Wassaic Project (an arts collective and residency program located in New York state). The piece was exhibited at the Wassaic Project Summer Music and Arts Festival.  “The installation piece Ben Cuevas chose to showcase at The Wassaic Project features a knitted skeleton seated atop a pyramid of Borden’s condensed milk cans and a cloud of screen prints on Plexi glass suspended above it. The knitted skeleton is seated in the lotus position. The prints are of disembodied anatomical parts photographed in high resolution with diagrammatic illustrative overlays. Ben conceives of the piece as a reference to material culture and Wassaic’s local history (The Borden Company had a condensed milk factory in Wassaic) and a meditation on transcendence.” -Bora Mici  Be sure to visit his site and see all the amazing images of his Gnarly Knitted Skeleton you will be impressed.

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