Felting Supplies and Felting Tools Video Tutorial

I am very glad I found this felting supply tutorial on Living Felt.  If you ever wanted to try needle felting you will learn what felting needles to use for which projects and not purchase the wrong ones for your project.  I do more embellishing than sculptural felting and each needle has a purpose and theirs are color coded.  Watch the video and then look at their free projects and helpful videos.  You can find everything you need for all your felting projects at Living Felt. Happy felting!


  1. susan says

    LOVE THIS! Sorry to yell. Whew. I so want to learn this to add another layer of texture&fun to my selftaught (booklearnin’,ha) loom-knitting, which is way more lupus/arthritis-friendly. I can finally*knit*! Never could hold the needles. Still having trbl w crochet&bent fingers but felting cud add so much to a piece. Or three. :) and with a limited can’t work anymore zero budget, I was terrified to get the wrong stuff&goof it all up. “Felting” now has its own sep bkmark along w CraftGossip. I’ve also lost all patience for searching 😀 you folks are grrreat.

  2. Mo DeMarco says

    Living Felt is the best site for all things needle and wet felting :) I have bought from them 4 times already :) Twice with my friend Anelle and twice on my own :) Their tutorials are awesome and their products are super awesome :) And by the way, Craftgossip is an awesome website :)You guys are doing a super job :) Thank you! Mo

  3. says

    Linda – thank you for the lovely props! … and for doing what you do and sharing what you share! Thanks also to Mo & Jen…we love our felting friends :O)

    Happy Felting!


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