Making Colds and allergies Fun with DIY tissue monsters!

There are the winter colds and the spring and summer allergies that cause us all to reach for a tissue and we all want our children to learn to use them.  When I saw this I thought, what a great year round idea. Angela, Whitney and Lauren have inspiring ideas and share them on their blog called “Better Together”. Angela spent an entire day trying to come up with a unique idea for a (Mr. Snowman). The next day she was planning to get out and gather supplies when a giant blizzard made her rethink her plans. She was not about to venture out into the storm. But she had to come up with something that she could create with supplies she had on hand in case she was snowed in for a few days. That is when these tissue monsters came to life! She wondered how Mr. Snowman would come to life if she never made it to the store. Her son is only 10 months old but she still has to take care of his runny noses.  Even though he is a tad too young to use these, she thought she would create a tissue monster for him to use in the future. That way it may make it a little more fun for him and she can avoid (as much as possible) the wiping nose on shirt, or wiping nose on hand and then spreading germs to everything that he touches.  Check out this darling tutorial on “Better Together”. Thanks Ladies for sharing.

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