How to hand dye a flower felted brooch


Tonya of “TonyaUtkina” is a wonderful artist and loves sharing many of her creative ideas with others.  Tonya continues experimenting with hand dyeing and food coloring. The results are always beautiful and rewarding. To hand dye a felted wool brooch you will need one pack of Kool-Aid or a similar powder and white hand felted brooch layers. You can read about creating hand felted brooches in her post on How to make felted wool flower brooch To prepare coloring she mixes one tea spoon of powder with a little bit of water in a plastic container. It sometimes makes sense to prepare a few containers with slightly different coloring. You may go with strawberry and cherry for example. When the coloring solution is ready gently apply color to each layer of the brooch poring it from a tea spoon. She usually starts in the middle leaving the edges of the layer intact. It makes sense to use a plastic tray to protect your surfaces and the coloring is quite intense. When all three layers are dyed it’s time to put them into a microwave. She normally microwave the whole set for a few minutes. The goal is not to burn the wool. Microwaving helps the wool to absorb the dye. The color will now stay on the fiber. Visit Tonya for complete instructions and to see all her stunning felted art.


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    Thank you so much for featuring my brooch tutorial!!! I love your blog!

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