Hand felting video, how to felt without using a washer


Knit Picks, the yarn shop has a wonderful short video on felting wools.  We all know that you can felt with a washing machine, but they show you a method of hand felting that we can all do.  I have a new front loading washer that does not allow me to open once the first wash cycle is complete and Many times I would like to see if the yarn is felting to much or too little and I have to wait until the entire cycle is complete and many times the results are not to my liking.  Check out the video on Knit Picks and give it a try. Another thing I learn from this video is that some white wool yarns are treated and do not felt up as expected. There are many different ways to felt animal fibers.  Choose a yarn that is predominately made of animal hair fibers (wool, alpaca, mohair, etc) and wash it with agitation and changes in water temperature.  Superwash wools have been specially treated so they will not felt.  Plant based yarns (such as cotton or linen), silk, and acrylic yarns also will not felt.  When you felt a yarn, you lose your stitch definition.  Felting is a great project for beginners, because all of your mistakes will disappear when you felt your project!


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