Needle Felted Strawberry Tutorial

I ran across this Needle Felted Strawberry tutorial and had to translate the page, but in the following Soles explains that pictures do not need words to be able to create this project.  Soles lives in Brasil – Argentina and offers us this fun pictorial tutorial that I think you will all understand.  She also has a wonderful ETSY shop called “Soles shop” where she sells her lovely patterns, so check out her shop. 

Soles tells us about her work:

Work doing arts and crafts magazines, think and design projects while I’m photographing the step by step and the reality is that thanks to the internet I learn and I’ve learned a lot, I nourishes every day of the most remote places and languages than desconozco… techniques…  I think that the time to also contribute something to this world so rich and funny now, I see that the photos are essential in transmitting knowledge to craft regards as if the words are clear enough, and then do not need to understand the language in its entirety.  However, I write in Spanish is my mother tongue and in English to provide something more! Portuguese already too serious though I speak too and I can translate something if you ask me specifically.  In anyway…… my intention is to convey something of what hagó, what I know, my enthusiasm and happiness that gives me to make crafts and then see them; which is more that everything I love looking at beautiful things I’ve done and that fill my daily life. Look at them and feel proud of having done, learned and dedicated to come it out me as I wanted to :) Take time and practice a thousand times is essential for manual jobs and as not me canso…continuo enjoy with each project and idea as if it were the “most important” and not stop until it completed!

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