JuJu Hat Tutorial By: Rosa Pearson

 I was so impressed when I found this amazing  wall decoration Tutorial By: Rosa Pearson and searched the Internet for the “Cameroon feather headdress” and you can see some examples of the headdresses hanging on the walls in the picture provided above from a site called “l’aviva home” and these are authentic “Cameroon feather headdresses” and where you can purchase an genuine one if you have that type of cash. Do visit “l’aviva home” for inspiration because they have the most beautiful textiles. Since we are all crafters and I’m sure you would like to try one for yourself or buy one from Rosa Pearson’s “flutterflutter” ETSY shop for a fraction of the cost.  You can find this tutorial on “flutterflutter” or “Design*Sponge” Text by Kate Pruitt. There are few more dramatic pieces of art for your wall than the bold, brilliant traditional feather headdresses from Cameroon. Unfortunately, the price for these intricately woven, handmade pieces can be quite high, which is why I’m thrilled to share this “faux” feather hat DIY from graphic designer and blogger Rosa Pearson. She’s not only captured the vivid color of the original pieces but also some of the incredible texture of the feathers. Her version is a bit smaller than the giant Cameroonian hats, which can be as large as 31? in diameter, but it’s still a wonderfully eye-catching addition to your wall decor, and for a mere fraction of the cost. Thanks for sharing, Rosa!


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