Felt Porcupine Pin Cushion tutorial

Jacinda of “Prudent Baby” has this adorable Porcupine Pin Cushion tutorial she is sharing with us.  Jacinda thought that she was pretty clever when she came up with this. She then learned that others had already made porcupine pin cushions. Jacinda asks “Have they mistakenly filled them with disgusting artificially pork-flavored dried pinto beans? I think not”. So here is Porc&Beans, the unofficial Prudent Baby mascot. The best part about Porc&Beans is how much her 2 year old wants to play with him even though he is stuck with 100 sharp objects. So fun!


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    I love this little idea and set out to make one today. I kept your post up on my screen. When my husband came through the living room, he saw the pic and loved it so much, he kept commenting on it!

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