How to Make Wool Soaker Pants From a “Felted Wool Sweater”

The host of “The Sewing Dork” Blog has an interesting and planet friendly tutorial on making Wool Soaker Pants for little ones. From “The Sewing Dork”: “Wool Soaker Pants, aka Longies, are what Ma Ingalls was using before plastic diaper covers were invented in the 1970s. Wool has some amazing properties: it’s naturally anti-bacterial, it can absorb moisture without feeling wet, and best of all you just need to air it out between uses (unless soiled of course). You only wash it every 2 – 3 weeks. That’s my kind’a laundry! There are many different kinds of soakers to make – shorts, skirties, and pants. I plan to do tutorials for them all over the winter. Let’s start with the sweater arm pants”.

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