Infant Car Seat and Felt Stroller Toys & Sock Fish Tutorials

Joel of “Made by Joel” decided to try making some car seat and stroller toys for their new baby girl to look at. He used high contrast scraps of felt, so they’re soft to touch, and fun for babies eyes to focus on. They were very fast and easy to make, and so far he finds she loves looking at them! One thing Joel would like to do next time is put some crinkle paper inside. He had never done this before. He would like to know what do you all use for crinkle paper for your sewn baby toys? Can anyone help Joel out with this? Lastly, most car seat manuals strongly recommend you put the handle down while driving in the car. But when you get to the restaurant, or wherever, raise the handle back up and have instant entertainment for baby!  His basic idea can allow you to come up with your own designs and colors.  Joel also has a darling DIY tutorial for making a “sock fish” pictured! Thanks Joel for sharing your tutorials.


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