Whit’s Knits: Crocheted Felted Bucket Hat Tutorial

This is a cute hat for all ages and gender; envision what you could do with it with colors and embellishments to make this a FAB addition to you winter wardrobe. It is from “Purl Bee” Whit’s Knits: Felted Bucket Hat. Two years ago they brought you John’s Favorite Bucket Hat, a crocheted hat based on LL Bean version. But even classics could use a little updating every now and then, and so this season they decided to send the Bucket Hat to the Laundromat! The result is a beautifully felted topper, good for protection from rain, sun and snow and for increasing general well being. Besides a new felted finish, we also reworked the Bucket Hat in a fabulous new yarn, Cascade’s Eco+. For years we’ve all relied on Cascade’s 220 as our go-to light worsted for felting. Now with the Eco+ we have a gorgeous heavy worsted option. It is 100% Natural Peruvian Wool, free from chemical processing, and positively sure to felt like a dream.


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