Easy Felted Coffee Cozy Tutorial

Factory Direct Craft Supply was founded by a stay-at-home mother in the 1980’s after finding her husband had been laid off from work.  Today it is still a family business and their goal is to keep their customers happy.   When you are there getting the tutorial check out their awesome craft supply shop, you will not be sorry.  The Felted Coffee Cozy was designed by fdcsjess of Factory Direct Craft. Soon the cool fall weather will return and many of us will be getting back into the habit of an afternoon stop at the coffee shop. And because most coffee shop serve their coffee piping hot but uses thinner biodegradable cups; many people burn their hands holding the cups, enter a coffee cozy to keep handy in yours purse.

Felt is, of course, a staple for crafters, useful in so many ways. But for this project, true felt, felted wool, is called for. To make felted wool you can either repurpose an old wool sweater or purchase a piece of wool felt (look for felt with at least 35% wool content). Both will need to be washed in your washing machine on its hottest setting until you can no longer see the stitches in the case of the sweater, or the wool feels thick and slightly bumpy in the case of the fabric. You may need to run it through the wash cycle twice to achieve a good felting. The combination of agitation, hot water and soap causes the fibers in the wool to grab onto each other, creating a fabric that will not unravel or fray and which is extremely warm. Perfect for a snug little coffee cozy.

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