Free Felted Oven Mitt Pattern!

Kris of “Kriskrafter” has this really clever pattern for oven mitts created from up-cycling worn wool sweaters.  These are such a good idea because the sweaters are felted; so you will have no problem keeping them clean because you can throw them in the washer and dryer and you will not have the stuffing come out like the ones purchased at the store.  Template link :)

These are super simple to make and people love receiving them as gifts, they also make fabulous Craft Show sellers.  First Cut out the provided pattern pieces A & B, and tape them together as indicated. Next, lay your sweater out smoothly and cut out 4 of the Mitt pattern. If you want the oven mitts to be multiple colors then use more than one sweater. Just make sure that the sweaters are similar in their thickness and stitch count so that they will felt similarly. She likes to use sweaters that are between 4 – 7 stitches per inch. If the sweater is too tightly knit it will not felt very well, if it is knit too loose it is hard to cut out and keep the stitches from unraveling. The way this pattern works is that 2 pieces will be the back of the hand, 2 pieces will be the front of the hand. She uses 2 layers for each so that it felts up nice and thick and offers plenty of protection when pulling out hot items from the oven.





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