5 Types of Felt: Felt 101 & eco-friendly bowling pin set

Marla’s is a video that all of you will want to watch if felting is your thing.  I found it very informative and I think you will too. Marla of http://www.creativedish.com/ created this video for Favecrafts.  Once you know all about the felts that are on the market you can make her eco-friendly bowling pin set using felt and recycled water bottles “Pictured”.  This is a craft the children will love to make with you as well as have a ball bowling after the work is done.  Marla “Kids today are much more eco conscious today than when we grew up. With the help of my son, we continuously try to make our home more eco-friendly. We especially love creating something out of “would be” trash headed for a land fill. Even more fun is a craft that becomes a toy”.






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