The Mad Hatter Hat; FREE Tutorial


Vivian of “Craft with Confidence” has an amazing blog fill with lots of wonderful free tutorials you will love.  Her mom taught her to sew in junior high but then she lost interest in sewing.  Vivian was given a basic sewing machine as a gift from her mom for her college graduation the same gift her sister had received when she graduated.  The machine sat in her closet for almost 2 years, being pulled out on occasions. Then Vivian offered to sew her soon to be sister in law’s wedding dress (with her mom on stand-by). It was such a satisfying experience that she continued to sew! She made her son’s Halloween costume and bags for a service project, and the list goes on. The sewing machine now had a permanent place in her living room.  You have got to check out this “The Mad Hatter Hat FREE Tutorial”with Halloween fast approaching or use it as a piece of cloth sculpture for an incredible conversation piece.  “Craft With Confidence” is on facebook so hit Vivian’s “LIKE” button because she has great projects and you will want to follow her.


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    Thank you so much for this little spot light!! I have received a ton of traffic on my FB after this was posted! I love sewing and crafting and am so flattered when someone links to my tutorials! This hat was an adventure to make and one of my most favorite items I’ve ever made to date!


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