Tutorial, The Makings of a Superhero

Marcie lives in their renovated house in the Hudson Valley with her hubby and children.  She is a nature lover, gardener and a sewer and general fixer of anything made of fabric.  Now she has a wonderful tutorial “The Making of a Superhero”!  Marcie’s website is called “Mossy” and she tells us just what a Superhero stands for and I love her story. “A superhero is not simply someone who stumbles upon a crime or injustice and makes a spontaneous decision to intervene. A true superhero has a strong moral code and has vowed to actively battle, risking his or her own safety, for the betterment of humankind. Superhero status should not be reserved for the mega rich, super-fit extra-terrestrial brilliant scientist type. Sometimes merely being at the right place at the right time may be all that is needed—due to some freak laboratory accident, the clumsy lab tech comes into contact with a secret fizzley purple formula within a flask; the mousy orphan unearths a pebble or a magical wizard who bestows upon her the godlike powers of Captain America or Super-girl, transforming her into a massive powerhouse with enhanced metabolic powers. And, sometimes a superhero needs to look like a superhero. For, nothing motivates a pending protagonist more than a good outfit. A good outfit not only provides protection and technological advantages, it conceals the super-secret identity of the real-life superhero from revenge-seeking criminals. As well, a superhero’s secret identity protects friends and family from becoming targets of his or her archenemies”.  Follow the “Mossy Website” on facebook and never miss any of Marcie’s latest projects.




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