Fall Felt Flower Centerpiece & Beautiful Felt Rose Tutorials

It is nice to find wonderful new felting friends that enjoy sharing their talents with us.  Rachel of “lines across my face” has is stunning “Fall Felt Flower Centerpiece Tutorial” for us to make.  I should say there are two tutorials; one on how to make the centerpiece and the other is on making the Simple and Beautiful Felt Roses (No Sewing Required).  Rachel has beautifully illustrated tutorials for us to follow.  With this tutorial you can get very creative from size to colors.  Make tiny ones for table place keepers or the bigger the better for a large foyer.  What an amazing impact this would make.  Rachel is married with two darling small children and tells us the story of who she is. “This is the story of how she gets the lines across her face. Laughing, crying, stressing out… all of these things may give you wrinkles, but they also make you who you are”, so check her out and thanks Rachel for sharing your talent with us. You can follow Rachel’s “Lines Across My Face”on Facebook and keep up with her latest projects.



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