How to Make Hats from Recycled Sweaters

I am sure anyone that reads my postings has saved some old wool sweaters and looking for ways to restyle them into useable or wearable items.  Today Cal Patch, contributor for Craft Stylish shows us how to make a winter hat from an old or tired of sweater.  Everyone has a favorite old wool sweater that’s been shrunken and felted in the washer. But you may not realize what a bounty of craft material a shrunken sweater is! Cal has used them to make rugs, mittens, dog sweaters…and the most versatile gift item of all: hats. She shows us how to make recycled sweater hats for the entire family, and everyone else on your list, too!  Felted knits are great to work with because the edges won’t unravel, they’re stretchy (as opposed to felt), and you’re saving them from the landfill. You can get a second life out of stained or moth-eaten sweaters, too; just shrink them and then cut around the holes or stains when you cut out your pattern.



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