Recycle Sweaters: Make a Throw or Pillow

What a wonderful fall throw for you to make from recycled wool sweaters that have been felted.  Gather sweaters that are at least 80 percent wool. The number of sweaters will be needed depending on the desired size of the finished throw or pillow and the size of the sweaters after shrinkage. Approximately 12 sweaters were used for the throw and two sweaters for the pillow. Use sweaters with patterns or designs for interest, such as the reindeer rectangles for the throw and the skier rectangle for the pillow. Bands of red and pink alternate with a mix of earthy greens on this throw. Textural variations in the sweaters used, such as cable-knit stitches and ribbing, add interest to the solid-color rectangles. Binding helps the throw hold its shape and provides a finished edge.  The instructions are available on Better Homes and Garden.




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